As the Eurovision grand final is well underway, it won’t be long until the 2023 winner is announced.

Following many performances in recent days, Eurovision fans will get to see the winner crowned at the end of tonight’s final.

As it’s a competition, there’s a prize up for grabs but what does a Eurovision winner receive if they come out on top?

What does a Eurovision entry receive when they’re crowned the winner?

Each finalist of Eurovision will receive a score for their performance and the country with the most points will win the contest.

The winning country will receive a glass microphone trophy which is a “custom design” made for the contest, the official Eurovision website states.

The Northern Echo: The winner of Eurovision will win a trophyThe winner of Eurovision will win a trophy (Image: Corinne Cumming)

It’s a handmade trophy and made of “solid transparent glass with sand-blasted and painted detailing.”

The website also reveals that the songwriters and composers of the song sung by the winner of the contest also receive smaller versions of the Eurovision trophy.

Eurovision is airing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer until midnight on Saturday, May 13.