The Eurovision Song Contest’s grand final saw the remaining 26 countries battle it out for the top spot and while there was plenty of singing, there was also plenty of sequins.

France’s entry La Zarra took the stage in a huge sparkly dress while standing on a tall platform with viewers quick to compare it to the famous French landmark the Eiffel Tower.

She was later seen in a smaller version of the sparkly dress as she stood on the platform and continued to perform.

La Zarra was the 6th performer to take to the stage and sang Evidemment.

Eurovision viewers react to La Zarra’s sparkly Eurovision dress

The dress was popular among Eurovision fans with some even saying they’d like their own.

One Twitter user said: “If I could get France’s dress in every colour, that would be great thanks #Eurovision”

Another joked about La Zarra being on the tall platform, saying: “How massive is that dress?!?!?! #Eurovision

“Is she replicating la Tour Eiffel?”

A third said: “I adore France’s staging. And also the song is a bop. Love. #Eurovision

Other viewers were less keen on the dress choice with one saying: “i dont like it sorry. i don’t like the dress either #Eurovision”

Another compared it to a season of Strictly Come Dancing, a show that’s known for its sparkly outfits, saying: “Good lord that's more sequins than a whole season of Strictly #France #Eurovision”

Eurovision is airing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer until midnight on Saturday, May 13.