The Last of Us star and Eurovision super fan, Bella Ramsey, has defended the international song contest from 'haters' on social media in a hilarious clip.

The self-confessed superfan “set the record straight” about the competition during a segment for Eurovision’s official Twitter page called: “Why you’re wrong about Eurovision with Bella Ramsey” in which the 19-year-old responded to tweets about the show.

Ramsey, who rose to fame playing Ellie in HBO’s adaptation of the acclaimed video game The Last Of Us opposite Pedro Pascal after a break-out role in Game Of Thrones, began the clip by stating their super fan credentials, saying “nobody loves Eurovision more than me”. 

They then added: "I've been told there are some, quite frankly, ridiculous thoughts about Eurivision on social media, so I'm here to set the record straight."

Responding to one users message that said they didn't understand the point of Eurovision they said: “The point is unbridled joy, deep happiness, meeting your co-workers the next day and talking about why you preferred Finland to Sweden.

“We’re sharing the music of other cultures. It’s education. That is the point.”

The teenage star also responded to a comment about Eurovision being “overrated”, saying: “Eurovision gets over 160 million TV viewers and this comment got like one like. Just saying.”

They even answered the frequently asked question: How is Australia part of Eurovision?

Ramsey said: "Well, Australia was allowed to take part to commemorate the show's 60th anniversary as a gesture of goodwill."

Another user asked the question why isn't America in Eurovision?

To which they answered: "If Amercia were in Eurovision they'd just enter Beyonce or somehting and then we’d all just have to go home”.

The Northern Echo: Bella Ramsey has 'set the record straight' when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest.Bella Ramsey has 'set the record straight' when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest. (Image: PA)

When asked why the UK didn't just send British superstar Adele to Eurovision, Ramsey said: “Firstly, I think Adele is probably busy.

"Secondly, I think it would be a harsh reminder to the juries of why their last relationship failed.”

Ramsey then walked off the set in anger when one person tweeted saying Eurovision “isn’t a serious competition”.

Concluding the segment, they said: “Next time you have something to say about the greatest show on earth, just @ me.

"I probably won’t reply but you should @ me anyway. Peace out.”

Ramsey then started dancing to the 2011 Irish duo entrant Jedward’s song Lipstick.

During the video references were also made to former Eurovision contestants Sam Ryder and ABBA.