Popular BBC Breakfast presenter John Watson was rushed to hospital after suffering from a knee injury.

The sports reporter took to social media to share the news with fans after the incident affected his ability to walk.

The Instagram post showed the presenter lying in a hospital while wearing a gown and huge bandages over his legs.

The injury, which caused the star to be rushed to hospital, saw him tear his meniscus, damaging the cartilage between the bones in his knee.

The injury is common from twists obtained when a person is playing sports, leading to swelling, stiffness and severe pain.

The post was accompanied by a caption reading: "Less of a dash more of a hop to the studio come Monday."

BBC Breakfast fans rush to send support to presenter John Watson after he is rushed to hospital.

Fans rushed to the BBC presenter's side with many commenting on the post shared by John.

One user said: "Eek good luck John, wishing you a speedy recovery. Also - you’ve got such dainty ankles."

Another added: "Best wishes for a speedy recovery! #bravesoldier" while another said: "Wishing you a speedy recovery John x."

One user shared his experience with a similar tear, saying: "What you have done mate? I was in yesterday having my meniscus tear operated on. Bandaged up the same as you. Get well soon."

The BBC Breakfast star responded to this comment with: "Exactly the same.
Meniscus tear. Couple of weeks on crutches. How are you holding up?!"

The fan said: "So far so good, you? Off work till next week. We can compare notes when I see you next 👍🏼

John Watson of BBC Breakfast recovers from face injuries after an early-morning mishap

Previously, John suffered from facial injuries, seeing the presenter experience swelling.

The injuries were obtained from an early morning mishap when the star was getting ready for work in the dark.

At the time, he shared on social media: "The joys of getting dressed in the dark at 4am… (I really do need to watch out for those doors) not that you’d notice, great job from the brekkie make up team."

BBC Breakfast airs on weekdays from 6 am on BBC One.