Maya Jama has attempted to stop rumours that suggest she is dating American actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Rumours around the Love Island host’s dating life have been circulating in recent weeks but she has spoken out after seeing that a Daily Mail article about her wearing a ‘Leo’ necklace had been published.

While on holiday, Jama addressed the dating rumours despite admitting she has been trying to avoid the gossip online.

She took to Twitter to share that she is "not dating" the actor.

Maya Jama says she is 'not dating' Leonardo DiCaprio

Jama quote tweeted the Daily Mail’s tweet which contains a link to the article and said: “I’ve been minding my business on holiday & said I wouldn’t respond/pay attention to any of the silly stories anymore but you need to stop now, that is literally my star sign. We are not dating. Move on please”

Maya Jama fans rush to support her as she addresses dating rumours

One fan replied to Jama’s tweet, saying: “Take no notice, just keep doing you......Standard!!”

Another said: “TELL EM MAYA”

A third said: “I want this necklace! From a fellow Leo”

Another joked: “Why don't you wear another starsign necklace tomorrow? just to really play with them. May I suggest 'DiCapricorn'”