Experts have revealed how commuters can save money while using the train to get to work as ticket prices rise.

Households across England are hundreds of pounds worse off as many try and save money amid the cost of living crisis.

This is why savings experts have revealed ways to cut back on the money you spend commuting.

Here are the top tips recommended by the experts over at Raisin UK for saving money on your commute amid the new ticket price hike.

The Northern Echo: (PA) Experts have revealed top tips for saving money on train tickets(PA) Experts have revealed top tips for saving money on train tickets (Image: PA)

Experts reveal how commuters can save money on rail tickets as prices rise again

Here are the top tips revealed by the savings experts:

Bid for spare seats

Train booking app Seatfrog has made it easier than ever to bid for first-class upgrades in a new habit that could save you money while giving you a taste of the 'high life' while travelling.

The app works by allowing passengers who already have standard tickets to bid for unsold first-class ones

Budget rail operators

Just like air travel, there are plenty of opportunities to select a budget provider to get from A to B.

One such train operator is Lumo, known as the easyJet of trains, which competes against a number of other companies.

It operates on the East Coast Main Line between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh, alongside LNER.

While it only operates four services a day, it hopes to increase this to 10 early this year, so keep an eye on Lumo as it might be the one for you.

Splitting your journey

There is no reason to be spending an arm and a leg on your train journey which is why Split Ticketing offers an easy way to cut costs.

The website works by telling you ways you can save money by buying multiple tickets for cheaper trains.

Trainline also has a similar feature called SplitSave which suggests clever combinations customers can make with their tickets to save money.

There is a Railcard for everyone!

Railcards are an unsung hero of saving money on your commute as there is a range of Railcards to suit everyone.

National Rail railcard holders can save up to 50% on every ticket they purchase with an all-year card costing just £30.

If you travel a lot by train then this investment should pay off and make you huge savings.

Some train operators like LNER are also offering students discounts for their travels as well.

LNER occasionally offers a 40% discount to students who use a Unidays discount code.

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