Viewers of BBC's The Apprentice have been complaining ahead of week ten's start. 

The popular business central show was pushed back in its usual scheduling after a special Eurovision program. 

The short program came after the announcement that singer Mae Muller would be representing the UK at Eurovision in Liverpool this year. 

However, many people were not happy with the show after it pushed back the start of the latest episode of The Apprentice. 

The Apprentice viewers complain as the show airs later than normal

As many took to Twitter to share their opinion on the delay, as one user wrote: "What’s happening here? No apprentice."

Whilst others chimed in saying: "Start it now. Zip zap." others suggested that they choose the Thursday night slot on purpose: "It feels like they've delayed #TheApprentice specifically so a few million people will see the music video for our Eurovision entry lmao."

But one person joked about the change in scheduling as one viewer of said: "Fully expect Lord Sugar to gatecrash the #eurovision party then #TheApprentice. How very dare they."

Whilst some enjoyed the song and meeting the UK's Eurovision entry, others were more confused: "Anyone else turned on #TheApprentice and got some music video instead?"

What to expect from week ten of The Apprentice? 

Week ten will see the final six battle it out to stay in the competition as the groups are tasked with creating a dog food brand. 

Making sure to create a brand, packing and a dish that fits their chosen target audience. 

The Apprentice airs every Thursday from 9 pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.