Viewers of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway have called for a prank victim to have his own show after his hilarious reaction. 

The latest episode of the live show saw the entertaining duo go undercover in a London-based Premier Inn hotel, as they pranked unsuspecting guests. 

Holidaymakers hoping to be met by a receptionist were instead met with a self-check-in machine voiced and crafted by Ant and Dec.

Although the pair pranked a hand full of guests seeing many get frustrated with the machine and its bizarre antics, there was one victim that stood out from the rest. 

The calm and collected Ernest went along with the prank as viewers of the show called for him to have his own TV show and even a knighthood. 

Wondering what was happening and how he could check in, Ernest began pressing buttons on the screen sharing that he had an interest in technology and wanted to see what would happen. 

But when a microphone popped out of the machine, he began to play with it leading to it being broken, as the AI receptionist, controlled by Ant and Dec told him to "stop touching me" to which Ernest replied, "I should be so lucky."

Viewers were quick to love Ernest and his antics as he even accepted the free underwear and socks. 

Many took to Twitter to share their love as some suggested that Ernest should get his show. 

As one user said: "Please have Ernest on every week" another said: "petition for Ernest to get his very own TV Series."

Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway is on ITV 1 and ITV X from 7pm every Saturday.