After episode five of the BBC's popular business series, The Apprentice, viewers across the UK were more than eager to see the teams face their next hurdle.

As always, Lord Sugar and his close team of advisors put the contestants through their paces to see who would be walking home after week six.

Episode six saw only 11 candidates in the running to win the £250,000 investment after Shazia Hussain was fired and Glasgow's Reece Donnelly left the show because of health reasons.

With all this said, here's what happened in week six of The Apprentice 2023.

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What happened in week six of BBC The Apprentice 2023?

This week's episode kicked off with the two teams being flown all the way to the wealthy city of Dubai to put on a corporate away day for international clients.

While Team Apex showed off the glitz and glam of the Middle Eastern location, Team Affinity went for a more traditional outing in the desert.

Team Apex left clients disappointed after limiting the amount people could drink while overpromising on the 'luxury' experience.

Team Affinity won the challenge after making the most profit while Team Apex was left facing the chopping board when they got back to home soil.

Who was fired from BBC The Apprentice in week six?

This week saw Joseph Phillips fired from The Apprentice after their team's failure to make the most profit from the corporate away day in Dubai.

Lord Sugar fired Joseph Phillips, saying: "The service was poor, it is with regret that you are fired."

Ahead of joining the show, Jo, who studied zoology before becoming a safari guide said his dyslexia is the “driving force” for him to succeed and prove his capabilities.

He added: “It’s made me fight harder to keep up with everyone else. Then when I finally caught up, it wasn’t enough, I needed to go past them to prove to people that, yes, you can have dyslexia but you can still succeed in whatever you want to do.”

The Apprentice airs every Thursday from 9 pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.