ITV's morning chatshow This Morning hosts the daily Spin to Win competition that sees viewers in with the chance to win thousands of pounds. 

Presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield give fans of the show the chance to take part in the game by answering the phone. 

But players only get a go if they give the presenters the correct passphrase, otherwise, they'll hang up on you. 

Spin to Win is completely free to enter with viewers able to sign up online via the This Morning website. 

What is This Morning Spin to Win passphrase, February 7?

If you have entered the competition and are betting your chance of getting a phone call from Phillip and Holly, you'll need to know the passphrase. 

February 7 passphrase is: Izzy wizzy, let's get busy

You must give that passphrase as soon as you answer the phone to be in with a chance of playing the game. Those who answer must only say the correct passphrase when answering the phone.

How to enter Spin to Win on This Morning

If you want a chance to win up to £3000 of tax-free money you can enter via the This Morning app or online. 

All you need to do is fill in your details and provide your name and mobile phone number.

It's important to note viewers can not enter their landline numbers. 

Every day entries open at 12.15pm, straight after the day's Spin to Win game. 

Entries close at 9.30am on the morning the game will be played.

This Morning is on Monday to Friday on ITV from 10am.