Major supermarket brand, Tesco announced that it would be scrapping the classic £3 sandwich meal deal after it revealed prices would rise from Monday.

The move, which received backlash on social media platforms like Twitter, will also affect Clubcard carriers but see nonmembers hit the hardest.

Many remarked that this proves how bad the cost of living crisis has become while others were simply sad to see the value-lunchtime staple increase in price.

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One user claimed: "The meal deal era is dead. We’ll never recover from this national tragedy."

Another said: "Meal deal up to £3.40. I can't take it any more make it stop."

While one Twitter user added: "Ummm @Tesco upping their meal deal price to £3.40 WITH a Clubcard?! This cost of living crisis really be crisising."

The price hike comes amid the cost of living crisis and a rise in the country's inflation.

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Cost of living crisis and UK inflation 

Recently, UK inflation rates exceeded 10%, reaching a 40-year high and forcing everyday items like food and fuel to skyrocket in price.

This has meant that ingredients used to make some of our favourite products have increased while high fuel prices have increased transport costs.

What has Tesco said about the meal deal price rise?

In a statement, a Tesco spokesperson said: "Clubcard members will pay just £3.40 for a main, snack and drink, making our meal deal an ideal way to grab a great value lunch on-the-go. 

"And with savings of up to £3 on millions of possible combinations across our stores, including the recent addition of Costa hot drinks, and our ever-popular Christmas sandwiches which join the meal deal for the festive period, we’ve got something for every taste."

How much is the Tesco meal deal price going up?

For Clubcard members, the price of a Tesco meal deal will be £3.40 while non-Clubcard users could face a much higher rate that is dependent on their combination of items.

When is the price of Tesco meal deals going up?

The price of a Tesco meal deal will rise to £3.40 on Monday, October 24, 2022.