Martin Lewis has branded Liz Truss’ “broken government” a “farce”.

The Money Saving Expert said the current situation the Government found itself in was “bad for the country, the people and for politics”.

Mr Lewis’ comments come after Ms Truss said she was “completely committed” to the triple lock on state pensions at Prime Minister’s Questions, the day after Downing Street indicated it could be ditched.

The Prime Minister told MPs on Wednesday that she and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will be increasing pensions in line with inflation, which currently stands at more than 10%.


Ministers were considering ditching the manifesto promise due to the squeeze on the public finances in the wake of the mini-budget fiasco.

Ms Truss faced a fresh wave of anger after No 10 said the policy was under review and her new Chancellor failed to commit to it as he seeks to plug a multibillion-pound black hole.

But she told Prime Minister’s Questions: “We’ve been clear in our manifesto that we will maintain the triple lock and I’m completely committed to it – so is the Chancellor.”

However, Martin Lewis said there was “little confidence” that they will or can stick to the commitment.

Mr Lewis said: “Government has become a farce. It’s bad for the country, the people and for politics.

“We heard yesterday that the pension triple lock would be maintained.

“Yet there is little confidence that Government will or even can stick to what it says.

“This can’t go on. It’s broken government.

“I try to avoid party politics. This isn’t about party. It is about confidence in government and our political system.

“We don’t have that right now. When you hear official announcements but have to immediately question if they’re valid, the instability is too damaging for the nation.”