BeReal is the anti-Instagram app that has taken TikTok and the rest of the internet by storm - but how does it work?

If you haven't heard of the latest social media sensation challenging the likes of Facebook, Snapchat and more - let us fill you in.

Here's everything you need to know about the authentic social media platform from how to delete a post to what time the notification goes off today.

What is BeReal? How does it work

Bereal works by prompting users at random times in the day to post a photo of whatever they are doing.

When the notification goes off, you get two minutes to take an unedited snap of what you are up to before you are branded with the dreaded 'posted late' label.

The photos work by taking a selfie on your front camera and another picture on the back camera at the same time. 

The app allows you to share what you are doing at that moment with friends on the app as well as on other platforms too.

BeReal has no filters, keeping its motive of showing real people who they really are and what they are actually doing. 

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What time is BeReal today?

Whether it's to show a more accurate representation of our lives or just to keep us on our toes, the BeReal alert goes off at a different time every day. 

The timing of the notification is unknown since it varies day to day and appears to be chosen entirely at random.

BeReals might vary day to day but the timing of the notification also changes by location due to global time zones. 

It's important to say that not all BeReal users get their notifications at the same time but individuals within the same time zone should receive it simultaneously.

What are BeReal Realmojies?

The social media map also has another fun feature that lets you send real-time reactions to your friends' posts. 

These reactions are aptly named 'Realmojies' and they include you sending your favourite emojis alongside a selfie with your own unique expression.

Your friends can also react back to you and you can view the other Realmojie responses from their other connections too.

How to delete a Bereal?

By now, you know that BeReal is about well...being real so deleting your posts is not exactly encouraged on the social media app.

Bereal wants you to be your most authentic self fighting against the rise of social media highlight reels.

However, when you are taking two pictures at once, both snaps aren't always clear and might appear somewhat unflattering results.

If you want to delete and retake your BeReal, here's how you do it on IOS and Android.

As you try and delete your Bereal, the app will remind you that you can only do this once a day. 

This means you will not be able to delete your next posting on that day.

You will then be asked why you want to delete it and will be given another chance to change your mind.

How to delete a Bereal on IOS:

  1. Select the three dots beside your BeReal’s timestamp
  2. Pick Options
  3. Then tap Delete BeReal

How to delete a Bereal on Android:

  1. Press the dot menu on the top right corner 
  2. Choose Delete my BeReal.

Who owns and created BeReal?

Although created in 2019, it first came to the spotlight in 2022 after going viral on the popular video app TikTok. 

The app was created by former GoPro employee Alexis Barreyat along with his partner Kevin Perreau. 

They created BeReal in the hopes to move away from the idea of perfect edited photos and to break the stigma around the idea of a perfect life on social media.