Social Media giant TikTok has made a huge change to as it announced that customers can now buy fresh food on the app. 

Users will get the chance to shop the TikTok Shop and order food from viral pasta brand Pasta Evangelists, online fishmonger The Fish Society and The Veg Box company. 

It comes after the social media brand noticed the love for cooking on its platform with amateur foodies to well-known chefs taking to TikTok to share their love of all things food.

Seeing food content alone on TikTok gained over 26 billion views, and is the home to some of the biggest food trends in the last year. 

@pastaevangelists Well this is new… 👀 #pastatok #pastatiktok #pasta #pastaevangelists #fyp ♬ use this sound if jurex_memes is the goat - Jurex 🇨🇿🥷

Patrick Nommensen, Senior Director, eCommerce Operations commented: "TikTok has made it easier than ever for food brands and creators to be discovered, and we have an active community of food lovers on the platform.

"Enabling fresh food brands and creators to sell directly to our community through a seamless transaction on TikTok Shop is a logical next step.

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"There will also be a huge opportunity for new food brands looking for a springboard to market, and I am excited to see more fresh products available on the platform."

You can now order fresh food from TikTok: 

The new feature works by letting TikTok users use the TikTok Shop page were they will be able to order and complete purchases. 

From that point, each individual merchant handles delivery directly, using the app as a way to help customers make a purchase. 

But there is also a change for users to get discounts, with creators able to run exclusive TikTok LIVES, giving the #FoodTok community access to discounts and the content they've come to love whilst driving sales.

Brands included in the new feature include, Pasta Evangelists, The Fish Society, The Veg Box Company, By Ruby and EXALT. 

You can try out buying fresh food through TikTok now by downloading the app and heading to the TikTok Shop page.