Last night’s Love Island saw a shock dumping and Afia Tonkmor being forced to leave the villa.

Both Paige and Afia were the only two single girls in the villa and on Sunday night a new boy was introduced who they both went on a date with.

New boy Jacques, Gemma’s ex, was forced to couple up last night, choosing Paige and leaving Afia single and being dumped from the island.

And it won’t be long before more drama is dropped on the islanders, with the preview for tonight’s episode revealing two new boys will be entering the villa as Jay Younger from Musselburgh and Remi Lambert join.

In other drama, tensions between Luca and Gemma rise as Gemma slips up and refers to her as ‘Jacques’.

After Afia’s exit, Islanders gather in the kitchen with Luca hugging Gemma. As they embrace, Gemma suffers a slip of the tongue as she accidentally calls Luca by ex Jacques’ name.

Jacques is sitting directly next to them and the other Islanders are quick to comment on the situation.

Amber laughs: “Did you just call him something else?”

Luca says: “I know what she said.”

Amber responds: “Jacques?”

Dami joins the conversation, adding: “Oh my god, there is no way that happened, there is no way that happened!”

Having just coupled up with Jacques, Paige says: “Easy mistake to make, hun.”

Not long after Luca leaves the kitchen and walks off into the garden, Gemma asks the other Islanders: “That was bad wasn’t it?”

Paige answers: “That was bad, I am not gonna lie, he was stood there, you had your guy rubbing your shoulders, he’s stood there and you’re like… ‘Oh Jacques.’”

Gemma later pulls Luca for a chat to discuss what just happened, but will Luca be able to forgive and forget?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.