Huge airport queues across the UK have caused chaos to holidaymakers' travel plans up and down the country. 

Passengers have been facing long delays as a result of understaffing, Covid absences and an increase in travellers ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend and Summer break.

Whether you're jetting off to somewhere sunny in the next week or you want to study up before the School holidays, these six expert tips could go a long way.

Travel expert Charles Stewart, Managing Director at eurochange, the leading foreign exchange provider, has shared these simple but effective airport planning tips for you to know before you fly.

What happens if you miss your flight due to airport delays?

6 tips to help speed up the airport security queues

1. Look into the carry-on limit and separate your liquids 

Charles Stewart suggests that you look into the airport's security measures ahead of time to save you from bringing anything forbidden through security unintentionally. 

Mr Stewart adds: “Often, liquids and aerosols in your carry-on bag need to be kept to under 100ml, this includes deodorant, cosmetics, perfumes and even water, and they must be transferred into a sealable clear bag. 

“Before you arrive at the airport, separate all of your 100ml liquids into a small travel bag that’ll be easily accessible when you reach security. Don’t worry if it’s not clear, you’ll be able to quickly transfer the contents into the sealable plastic bag that the airport provides.” 

2. Think carefully about your airport outfit 

Putting together your airport outfit ahead of time - and thinking carefully about what you are going to wear might save you a headache later on too.

The travel expert explains: “Another reason why people tend to get held up as they pass through security is that they’re wearing the wrong clothing.

"Belts, watches, clothing with metal hardware and jewellery, are all items that you’ll inevitably be told to remove before you pass through the metal detectors. So save yourself some time by keeping these items within your cabin or carry-on baggage."

You will also be told to remove heavy coats or thick-soled shoes so opt for footwear that is easy to slip on and off if you can. 

The Northern Echo: People waiting to board their flight at an airport. Credit: CanvaPeople waiting to board their flight at an airport. Credit: Canva

3. Ensure that your boarding pass is easily accessible 

There's nothing worse than the blind panic of not knowing where your passport and boarding pass are when heading for a flight so here's another reason to have it handy.

“Modern technology has made the check-in process easier than ever, as you can now pass through the gates using your smartphone. Downloading your boarding pass and adding it to the virtual wallet on your smartphone is one of the easiest ways to save time at the airport," Mr Stewart commented.

He adds: “The ability to quickly bring up your boarding pass removes the hassle of printing your boarding pass and having to find it in your hand luggage at every security checkpoint - so it’s definitely something we’d recommend doing before you arrive. Make sure your phone is well-charged though and think about carrying a charger so that you can charge your phone via the free power outlets often provided at the airport.”

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4. Check in your cabin baggage early 

The early bird catches the worm and all that, here's how checking your cabin bag early can make all the difference.

“Most airlines open their cabin baggage check-in around two hours before the flight is scheduled to depart, leaving plenty of time for you to get through security and board your flight", says the eurochange Managing Director.

"However, with current security wait times increasing, some airlines will provide the option to check in your cabin bag the day prior to your departure, an option which could help to relieve your stress on the day!” 


5. Plan your route to the airport 

This summer is likely the first holiday that you've been on in a while for obvious reasons.

If you're a little rusty about the route to the airport and all the parking hassle involved, it might be time to brush up!

“If you’ve not travelled since before the pandemic, you might have forgotten exactly where you need to go to get to the airport, so it’s important that you plan your route in advance and keep an eye out for any travel updates that might add time onto your journey," Mr Stewart advised. 

The travel expert added: “It goes without saying that you should check what terminal you need to go to but often there are specific parking requirements and entry points, so familiarise yourself with those before you get there and you’ll find yourself breezing through.” 

The Northern Echo: A plane in mid-air. Credit: CanvaA plane in mid-air. Credit: Canva

6. Make sure to collect your travel money in advance

Getting your travel money organised ahead of time might also save you from the stress at the airport. 

Charles Stewart recommends that "you purchase any travel money in advance of your journey if you want to avoid expensive rates from providers at the airport, and whilst there appears to be travel chaos in our airports it’s never been more important to think ahead."

He went on to say that "not only will you find yourself being charged extra, having to purchase your travel money before you board will add unnecessary time onto your journey that you could have avoided."

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