Shoppers have been left outraged by an 'offensive' Jubilee bunting hack shared on social media that involves spending 20p at Aldi.

While the nation grapples with the cost of living crisis and thousands are faced with making tough financial decisions just to stay afloat, people have taken insult to one tip shared online. 

Anger filled the comments section on the social media post with people fuming that they were "scraping by to feed their families" and were told to "cost cut on their decorations by reusing their budget supermarket carrier bags".

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The Northern Echo: Aldi. PAAldi. PA

The Extreme Couponing and Bargaining group on Facebook sent out a post suggesting shoppers use old Aldi bags or pop down to their nearest supermarket to pick up a few and create bunting using the flag on the bag.

In the post, published last night, the admin said: "Create your own Jubilee flag decorations using Aldi bags you may have lying around (you can always fold and reuse afterwards)."

'They know we're in a cost of living crisis right?'

What was supposed to be a post sent out in goodwill was not get received well by followers who slammed the tip. 

A widely 'liked' comment said: "They are spending millions on this event, but that’s ok Britain, the average household, scraping by to feed their families can cost cut on their decorations by reusing their budget supermarket carrier bags! Phew!

"That’s a great saving for those of us who can’t afford to buy bunting from Pippa’s company!"

The DIY bunting hack didn't go down very well with followers who were outraged at the suggestion to use one bag per flag for a string of bunting. 

One person commented: "Can get bunting for £1 these bags are 20p a go." 

Someone else said:

"May aswell cut up actual money."

Another said: "Them bags cost more than an actual bunting off eBay."

Bemused by the suggestion someone said: "They know we're in a cost of living crisis right?"

However, some people revelled in the idea of getting a bit crafty and harked back to previous celebrations, such as VE Day, when they used bags to make bunting. 

A commenter said: "My mum did this for VE day. Why not save a penny or two if you can?"