PizzaExpress has today divided pizza lovers with the announcement of an addition to its supermarket range.

The PizzaExpress Hawaiian will be rolled out nationwide at both Waitrose and Tesco stores this week.

The introduction of this pizza could cause division amongst pizza lovers as the age old debate of whether pineapple belongs on pizza is raised again.

This divisive addition to the PizzaExpress supermarket range features high-quality prosciutto, mouth-watering mozzarella and tangy pineapple chunks on a classic base.

The pizza is expected to stir debate in households up and down the UK as a YouGov study found that despite 82 per cent of Brits liking pineapple, only 53 per cent enjoy the tropical topping on their pizza, dividing the nation in a debate that every pizza fan from Gordon Ramsay to the Rock has weighed in on.

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Pineapple pizza Uturn from PizzaExpress

This comes as a U-turn from PizzaExpress who previously voiced strong opinions on Twitter regarding pineapple pizza.

Replying to a tweet from delivery service Deliveroo in January, the pizza chain wrote those who ordered pineapple on pizza should "be banned from ordering pizza for life".

When quoted in a tweet of its own from 2016 introducing a pineapple pizza to the restaurant menus, PizzaExpress replied: "Everyone makes mistakes".

This U-turn from Pizza Express will see the Hawaiian launched nationwide as the supermarket exclusive and joins fan favourites on the shelf including the American, the Pollo Ad Astra and the Vegan Giardiniera.  

Jane Treasure, Food and Beverage Director at PizzaExpress, says, “After a heated discussion in the kitchen, we are excited to be launching our delicious new Hawaiian pizza to supermarket shelves.

"We’ve worked hard with our Pizzaiolos to develop a pizza which we know the nation is going to love (even the haters!). The Hawaiian complements our extensive range of pizzas, pastas, sides, desserts and dressings... let’s see what we come up with next!”

If you agree that pineapple should be on pizza, you can pick it up in Waitrose and Tesco stores nationwide.