Legendary contestant on The X Factor, Wagner, has revealed plans to leave the UK so that he can “dies in peace”.

Wagner, who progressed to the live ITV shows under Sharon Osbourne, became a national cult hero following his time on the show and is regularly booked to deliver messages to fans on social media.

But the 66-year-old has said he will return to his homeland of Brazil after residing in the Midlands for a number of years and announced plans for a major career change.

Wagner told The Mirror: "I love it here but I am going to Brazil to start a hair transplant business.

"I'm living proof that hair transplants work. I had mine eight years ago and I haven’t lost anything. I lose more from the beard than my head.”

He continued: "So you’re asking me to go back to paradise, palm trees, 12 months of sea, to go and make money? I’m going to be making so much money I’ll be coming back to the UK. I’m only a flight away.

“Once the clinic is up and running I can employ a manager who speaks English and once I die, Lydia will communicate with the manager and I can die in peace now."

Wagner’s family will also move with him back to Brazil.

Speaking of his wife he said: "As soon as I came out of the TV show I met Lydia," he said of his wife. "I would say not only her beauty but also her character.

“She looked to be very honest and innocent, she had no evil. She was such a beautiful soul and I thought, 'I’m lucky, she’s beautiful'.

"[The age gap] doesn’t bother me as the spirit doesn’t get old. I only know I’m 66 because it says it on my birth certificate."