An emotional performance of an original song by The Frontline Singers touched the hearts of the judges, audience and viewers in this week’s Britain’s Got Talent episode.

The act was made up of emergency service workers, teachers and theatre performers who helped on the front line during the coronavirus pandemic.

The performance impressed both the judges and the audience as London Palladium erupted in cheers at the end of the song.

If you didn’t manage to watch the performance or want to watch it again, you can visit the Britain's Got Talent Twitter page.

ITV viewers react to touching performance from The Frontline Singers

Viewers took to Twitter to react to the performance with one tweeting: “Oh I do love an uplifting song even though I end up bawling...but they're happy tears! Loved The Frontline Singers and thank you for everything you've done and continue to do in this very difficult times. #BGT #BritiansGotTalent”

Another tweeted: “Well that Paramedic man made me cry….glad he got a hug #bgt”

A third tweeted: “If they don’t make it to the semis I will be surprised #BGT”

Britain’s Got Talent continues on Saturdays on ITV.