A key element of Britain's Got Talent is missing for 2022 and fans aren't happy about it.

The popular talent show is back on our screens after a two-year hiatus but not without a touch of its trademark drama. 

Last week professional singer Loren Allred, who is the original signer behind The Greatest Showman's iconic song Never Enough, appeared on the show and is already rumoured to have 'signed a deal' with Simon Cowell.

In Saturday's episode, fans also expressed frustration over the professional comedian Suzi Wild's appearance show as a finalist in Edinburgh Festival's content So You Think You're Funny.

Viewers have also shared their thoughts as a popular feature of the programme has failed to return: The BGT app.

Many fans were left disappointed as they haven't been able to engage with the ITV show as much as in previous years.

Paired with a crying face emoji, one Twitter used commented: "Have they got rid of the bgt app as I can’t find it."

A second viewer added: "Just out of interest, why have they got rid of the BGT app?"

While a third fan wrote: "Right here we go. #BGT back again. Oh I suppose there must be an app. Better take a look," before adding after: "Okay no app then."

New Golden Moments feature on Britain's Got Talent

Fans do have a new segment to look forward to with its brand new Golden Moments feature.

This exciting segment will see the judges (Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams) surprise a member of the public.

Their name will unsuspectingly appear on the programme after they have been nominated by one of their loved ones.

Britain's Got Talent continues on Saturday at 8pm on ITV.