Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway has a new game and it’s called Level Up.

Level Up is set in a lift and involves members of the public, much like other features of the show including Ring My Bell.

The new game sees people take on four games on four floors with £1,000 up for grabs. 

Lots of confusion was caused by Ant and Dec when four couples stepped into the lift separately expecting to just use the lift as normal. 

The first round of the game saw the people try to grab inflatable breakfast items and pack them into the lift with themselves in there too and if successful and the doors could shut, £100 was added to their balance.

In the second round, £250 was up for grabs and this time contestants had to guess actions that were shown to them from under a bed sheet, including the motion of someone shaking a cocktail and a ketchup bottle. 

Round three saw the couples dress up with a bell above their heads and perform tasks like pouring a drink and putting a pillowcase on a pillow without making the bell ring more than three times.

The people with the most 'dings' of the bell were eliminated, leaving just two couples left to play for £500. 

In round four, two couples wanted to play on rather than taking home their prize at that time. 

With two attempts to open a safe with a correct answer to Ant and Dec's question, the pressure was on. One couple was eliminated and one continued to the second question. 

The final couple answered the question right and went on to win Level Up, giving them a £1000 prize. 

Viewers react to Level Up on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway

Paired with a laughing emoji, one viewer tweeted: “Love the new game #LevelUp @antanddec"

Paid with three emojis, another said: “#SaturdayNightTakeaway that was so good loved level up"

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway continues to air on Saturdays on ITV at 7pm but will not be airing on Saturday March 19.