Martin Lewis has shared a free tax code calculator that could save you thousands. 

Your tax code might look like a harmless set of numbers and letters but the Money Saving Expert has revealed that it could seriously impact your purse strings. 

Millions of people are hit by errors every year with some people being due £1000s back. 

The financial journalist has informed viewers of his Tax Code Calculator which you can use to help save you the headache. 

Check your tax code using MSE's quick tool… #MartinLewis

Use Martin Lewis's tax code calculator

If you know your tax code already, you can go straight to the calculator directly here. 

The amount of tax you pay is based on your total income for the tax year despite whether you have more than one job, interest on savings on even rental income on a second property. 


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You will have one personal allowance (which is the amount you can earn before tax) for all of them.

If you need a little more guidance, Martin Lewis has outlined what you need to do. 

You can find your tax code by checking:

  • your payslip
  • your PAYE coding notice
  • your P45
  • your P60 
  • pension advice
  • HM Revenue & Customs

Find out more details about what your tax code means via the Money Saving Expert website.

If you have one employer and earn under £100,000, it's likely be 1257L (with an S at the start if you live in Scotland and a C at the start if you live in Wales), Martin Lewis says.

And if you have over or under paid in tax, you can find out what your next moves are by visiting the Money Saving Expert website. 

The Martin Lewis Money Show will return to ITV in October 2022.