Some users of Sky internet have reported issues with their connection abruptly stopping and internet not working.

According to Down Detector and Twitter users have been experiencing network errors with their Sky Q box, Sky app and other services.

Reports on Down Detector started at around 3pm and saw a massive spike at around 3.30pm.

Many users have tagged the Sky Help Team on Twitter letting them know that they were having problems.

One user tweeted: "my sky Q box is doing my head in. Keeps cancelling downloads, starting them over again, saying network error, download failed, error on your end. It’s pulling out every excuse it can think of . Shall I hit it with a hammer?"

Another posted: "Hi our broadband has just stopped working there are 2 Amber lights (2&4) on the router - can you advise if this is just our issue or wider?"

One customer put: "any internet problems in Bracebridge Heath area, no internet and when testing the connection on sky app getting this message".

The Sky Help Team have been trying to offer advice to those individual cases such as cookies/cache on your device, or using another device entirely to see if it'll change anything.

Sky's own diagnostic tests are also not currently functioning to test the speed of internet.