Experts have warned the first sign you could be infected with the Omicron variant of coronavirus is being missed by people.

The strain of Covid has been found to show milder symptoms, comparable to the common cold with patients reporting symptoms such as sneezing and headaches.

While the NHS lists a high temperature, a new continuous cough, and a loss or change to your sense of taste or smell as the three main symptoms of coronavirus, some signs are less common among people infected with Omicron.

Symptoms, including sneezing, aches and fatigue, are often mild but experts urge anyone experiencing such symptoms to get a test.

Covid 19 Omicron symptoms sore throat

Dr Jorge Moreno, an assistant professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine, told Insider that most patients testing positive have a dry, sore throat too.

The healthcare expert added the sore throat can cause a sharp pain when they swallow.

Dr Moreno warned: "It's a very prominent symptom. It's not like a little tickle in the throat. If they're reporting it, they're saying that their throat feels raw.”

He added: "A couple days later, they're ready to go back to exercising or doing their regular activity."

Full list of 20 symptoms linked to Omicron

Headaches and a runny nose are well known symptoms however there are number of less common warning signs you should be aware of.

Top 20 Omicron symptoms according to ZOE Covid symptoms app.

  1. Headache
  2. Runny nose
  3. Fatigue
  4. Sneezing
  5. Sore throat
  6. Persistent cough
  7. Hoarse voice
  8. Other
  9. Chills or shivers
  10. Fever
  11. Dizzy
  12. Brain fog
  13. Altered smell
  14. Eye soreness
  15. Unusual muscle pains
  16. Skipped meals
  17. Loss of smell
  18. Chest pain
  19. Swollen glands
  20. Feeling down