The UK's most popular drive-thus have been revealed, with McDonald's, Starbucks and KFC among the favourites.

Research from, the financial services comparison platform, revealed the UK's most popular drive-thru and which was the favourite in certain cities.

McDonald's took the number one spot overall based on searches for its drive-thrus per month.

The average number of searches for a McDonald’s drive-thru is 74,000 per month, but that was still a 33% decrease for the fast food chain in the laat year meaning it might be loisng some of its hold.

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Starbucks was second with an average search per month of 49,500 with KFC in third at an average of 18,100 per month.

What were the most popular drive-thrus in particular cities?

The Northern Echo: Some UK locations most popular drive-thru ( UK locations most popular drive-thru (

Despite McDonald's winning in overall popularity, it was equal with Starbucks in the 20 cities analysed for their most popular drive-thru.

McDonald's was most popular in places like London, Bristol, Leicester, Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent and Birkinhead.

Meanwhile, Starbucks was most popular in places like Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Sunderland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Burger King saw popularity in Sunderland and Krispy Kreme saw popularity in Newport, although not enough to make it its most popular drive-thru.