The highly anticipated movie Spencer is out in cinemas today. Actress Kristen Stewart transforms into the late Princess Diana as she depicts a breaking point in her marriage to Charles but is obliged to spend Christmas with the royal family at Sandringham.

The movie has hit cinemas in the UK today after premiering earlier this year.

At the premiere at the BFI London Film Festival Kirsten Stewart stressed the movie is not to exploit Diana’s memory.

She told the Press Association: “Our first step into this always was with love and admiration, and if we didn’t love her we wouldn’t have made the movie.

“So, it comes from a genuinely careful and considerate place, and we’re lucky to have had the opportunity.”

Watch the trailer of Spencer here

Can I watch Spencer from home?

Unfortunately Spencer is currently only available to watch in cinemas.

When will Spencer be available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and more?

At present there is no date for when the movie will appear on streaming sites, so if you want your Spencer fix you’ll need to head to a cinema near you.

Spencer stars Kirsten Stewart, Jack Farthing and more

The casting for Spencer has seen Twilight star Kirsten Stewart take on the role of Princess Diana. She will star alongside Poldark star Jack Farthing who depicts Prince Charles. Timothy Spall also stars.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry will be played by Jack Nielen and Freddie Spry.

The Northern Echo: Jacki Nielen, Kristen Stewart and Freddie Spry at the UK premiere of Spencer (PA)Jacki Nielen, Kristen Stewart and Freddie Spry at the UK premiere of Spencer (PA)

Much of the movie is focused on Diana’s relationship with her sons. Telling Press Association, Kirsten Stewart shares her desire to be respectful.

She said: “They’re in the movie, they’re the most important part of the movie, they are so character defining.

“It’s funny to say character defining, she’s not a character, and I could never be her for real, we could never know her completely.

“Ironically she’s a very unknowable figure, which is her plight, it’s sad, she just wanted to be known and to be available and she was to a certain extent, but she’s in a uniquely singular position.

“It’s impossible to relate to.

“But her kids…This is a movie. We’re so inspired by her.

“We genuinely love her so much.

“It’s the only reason this movie was made, to give the idea of her another platform and give her a voice, give her a mouthpiece that she wanted so bad and did ultimately have and create for herself.

She added: “I think her legacy is so present in the way that those two men function in the world.

“They’ve both made very different choices. That’s her.

“She made mistakes, and she made choices.

“And you can see they function so positively in the world. I look at the both of them, and maybe I’m biased and sort of entrenched in this thing, but I look at them and I see her and that is a beautiful thing.”

Spencer is showing in cinemas from today.