The Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey has officially declared that Christmas has begun.

The pop singer, 52, has continued her social media tradition of celebrating the end of Halloween and the start of the Christmas countdown on November 1. 

The 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' singer published the fun video across her social media accounts. 

Carey shared the clip on Instagram and Twitter that featured her smashing a spookily carved pumpkin with a candy-cane striped bat.

The American star was wearing a festive red sparkly gown with matching high heels.

She published the post as Halloween ended in the US with the caption: “Ready? Let’s go!"

The caption also included three emojis showing a pumpkin, an arrow and a Christmas tree, marking the transition into the festive period.

On Twitter, she added: “To smash that pumpkin and treat it as pie… cause we still gotta get through Thanksgiving.”

Fans couldn't get enough of the Christmas video announcement either with 10,000 users taking to her comments.

One fan wrote: "It's been declared" with a group of festive emojis including Santa and a snowflake.

While another user said:"The Queen has spoken!!!!!!!  Letsssssss gooooooo!!!!!!

Mariah Carey Twitter Annoucement

The post has already racked up 323 thousand likes on Instagram and almost 100 thousand likes on Twitter.

Fans heads are reeling at the possibility that the video might mean more than the beginning of Christmas. 

The clip briefly featured a present that included the date 5/11 on it.

This has sparked speculation that Carey has lined up a release or announcement for that date.

Fans are saving the date for the reveal of a possible tour, Christmas single, album and everything in between.

It would come as welcome news to Mariah's loyal fan base who helped the star's iconic Christmas single finally reach number one in the UK 26 years after its release.

Back in 1994, the song initially peaked at number two with it missing out to East 17’s Stay Another Day.

But in Christmas 2020, it reached the top spot following a closely fought battle with fellow festive anthem Last Christmas by Wham!.