The UK government is set to announce major changes to the traffic light system for international travel today.

Speculation is rife regarding the removal of red list countries and new rules regarding testing that may be changed in the government’s announcement.

These alleged changes could mean big changes for holiday providers and travellers alike, potentially reducing cost on testing and increasing travel capacity.

Today TUI boss, Andrew Flintham told Sky News there needs to be a “simplified system” for international travel, speculating you’re likely more at risk visiting your local supermarket.

He told Sky News: “You're probably more at risk going to the Tesco supermarket than you are going international travelling.

"If you are vaccinated you should not be restricted because that's the same thing that happens in your everyday life domestically."

He stressed that the red list should be heavily reduced, and there shouldn’t be any testing restrictions.

When is the travel announcement?

The UK government is set to make the announcement today, with rumours spreading as to which countries will be removed from the red list.

Turkey is one country that is expected to be removed from the red list.

Emma Coulthurst from holiday price comparison site, TravelSupermarket said: “Despite being on the red list, so far this month Turkey has still been the 4th most popular country to compare package holiday prices for via TravelSupermarket for a holiday from the UK in September and October.

“We know that if it goes amber, we are going to see a rise in people searching for holidays and clicking through and booking holidays.”

Transport Secretary Grant Schapps will announce the changes at some point this afternoon.

An exact time of when this announcement will be held has still not officially been released yet by Government officials.