Dragons’ Den star Sara Davies has said it will be “funny” to receive rather than give feedback when she appears in Strictly Come Dancing.

The entrepreneur and TV personality is among the celebrity contestants who will be taking part in the upcoming series of the BBC celebrity dancing competition.

Davies, 37, said she is more used to telling other people where they are going wrong.

She said: “It’s funny because in my everyday business life I’m either the investor in the business or it’s my business, so I’m used to having people around me where I’m giving them the feedback. Just like in the Den.

“So that’s going to be really different.”

This is the full list of Strictly Come Dancing contestants this year:

She added that “one of the reasons I got to the top of my game in business is relentless drive, looking for feedback and trying to improve every time”.

“Every time I do something I want to do better, so from that side of it I’ll really like it,” she added.

“I’ve tried to watch a lot of the last series over again and put myself in the shoes of the contestant when they’re getting that feedback.

“I know Craig [Revel Horwood] sounds a little bit scary but actually he’s doing it to help you improve, so I’m trying to focus on that.”

Davies added that she feels like she has “waited my whole life hoping that one day I might get asked” to go on Strictly.

“So as soon as I got that call I tried to play it a bit cool and say, ‘Yeah that would be something lovely to talk about’, but in reality I was just like, ‘Let’s try not to be like, yes, sign me up now’.”

She also said her father is a keen dancer.

“He was in shock when I told him and is now really excited, but he’s worried that I’m just wanting to do it for him and to make him proud,” she said.

“He said, ‘Don’t feel under any pressure and just enjoy the process. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t go that far’.

“I’m like, ‘Thanks for the vote of confidence dad!’ He’s not that optimistic about the dance skills he’s seen in me the last 37 years.”

Strictly Come Dancing starts on BBC One on Saturday September 18 at 7.45pm.