The Great British Bake Off is back for a new series this month and has announced its list of bakers.

Series 12 starts on September 21 on Channel 4, and will see Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith return as judges.

Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas will also be back to host the show and provide support to the bakers.

Among the 12 faces entering the programme are a Met Police detective, a software developer, a psychology student and a trombonist.

Bake Off revealed its 2021 contestants with a short video on Twitter, writing: “Please give a warm welcome to the Bake Off Class of 2021! #GBBO”

The list of contestants can be found below.

Who will be appearing on Great British Bake Off 2021?


The Northern Echo: Amanda (GBBO/Channel 4)Amanda (GBBO/Channel 4)

Amanda holds the distinction of being a Met Police detective.

The 56-year-old lives in London, with her baking being influenced by her Greek-Cypriot heritage.

She also enjoys cold outdoor swimming.


The Northern Echo: Chigs (GBBO/Channel 4)Chigs (GBBO/Channel 4)

Chigs is a 40-year-old sales manager from Leicestershire, who loves sky diving and whose speciality is intricate chocolate work.

He only started baking seriously during lockdown in 2020, using online tutorials to build up his skill.


The Northern Echo: Crystelle (GBBO/Channel 4)Crystelle (GBBO/Channel 4)

Crystelle is a 26-year-old client relationship manager from London, who enjoys singing in a choir.

She likes experimenting with flavours textures inspired by her Portuguese-Goan-Kenyan hertitage.


The Northern Echo: Freya (GBBO/Channel 4)Freya (GBBO/Channel 4)

Freya is a 19-year-old psychology student from North Yorkshire.

She is the youngest baker in the tent for this series and her speciality is vegan baking.


The Northern Echo: George (GBBO/Channel 4)George (GBBO/Channel 4)

George is a 34-year-old Shared Lives co-ordinator from London.

Like Amanda, he also takes inspiration from his Greek-Cypriot heritage in his baking, and he loves his Japanese dancing Spitz dog Eli.


The Northern Echo: Giuseppe (GBBO/Channel 4)Giuseppe (GBBO/Channel 4)

Giuseppe is a 45-year-old chief engineer from Bristol, who loves architecture and gardening.

He inherited his love for baking from his professional chef father.


The Northern Echo: Jairzeno (GBBO/Channel 4)Jairzeno (GBBO/Channel 4)

Jairzeno is a 51-year-old head of finance in London, and moved to the UK from Trinidad 15 years ago.

His speciality is Caribbean spices, and he loves combining guava with chocolate.


The Northern Echo: Jurgen (GBBO/Channel 4)Jurgen (GBBO/Channel 4)

Jürgen is a 56-year-old IT professional from Sussex, who moved over from Germany 18 years ago.

He loves playing the trombone and his speciality is precision baking.


The Northern Echo: Lizzie (GBBO/Channel 4)Lizzie (GBBO/Channel 4)

Lizzie is a 28-year-old car production operative from Liverpool, who loves experimenting with flavour.

In her spare time she also enjoys samba dance.


The Northern Echo: Maggie (GBBO/Channel 4)Maggie (GBBO/Channel 4)

Maggie is a 70-year-old retired midwife and nurse from Dorset who loves canoeing, kayaking and sailing.

She is the oldest competitor in the programme this year and her speciality is traditional bakes.


The Northern Echo: Rochica (GBBO/Channel 4)Rochica (GBBO/Channel 4)

Rochica is a 27-year-old junior HR business partner from Birmingham.

Her speciality is Jamaican flavours, and she turned to baking when she was unable to dance due to injury.


The Northern Echo: Tom (GBBO/Channel 4)Tom (GBBO/Channel 4)

Finally there is Tom, who is a 28-year-old software developer from Kent.

He loves amateur dramatics, and said that baking was a wonderful escape during lockdown.

The Great British Bake Off starts on Channel 4 on Tuesday September 21.