The Commonwealth Games are set to return to England in 2022 for the third time, with Birmingham being the host city.

It replaced the South African city of Durban as host in 2017 and is set to welcome over 5000 athletes from 72 different nations.

The games will take place from July 28 to August 8 in 2022.

Anticipation is building for the event in just under one year’s time, and the question of where and how to get tickets for the various events is brewing.

The usual popular events such as athletics, cycling, swimming and gymnastics are all there, alongside others such as lawn bowls.

Here’s how you can get tickets to those events.

How can I get tickets to the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham?

The method of getting tickets is similar to previous Games, with a ballot being run to give everyone the fairest chance of getting to see something.

It is currently open and gives everyone the opportunity to apply over the course of several weeks.

That means you could apply on the first day the ballot is open or the last, the chance of being successful is still the same.

You might get all of the tickets you apply for, some of them or none at all, that’s just how it works.

There will be other methods revealed on how to get them though nearer the starting time of the Games if that doesn’t work out for you.

The ballot is open now and closes at 8pm on September 30.

How do I apply for Commonwealth Games tickets?

Visiting the Commonwealth Games 2022 website will allow you to apply for the ballot.

They recommend that you plan exactly what you would like to see, with each day being broken down into ‘sessions’.

Some of these sessions will have medal finals and some will have medal ceremonies.

In order to give everyone a fair chance to be at the Games sessions have limits of four, eight or ten tickets per application.

You’ll also need to create a ticketing account on the Commonwealth Games 2022 webiste.

If you’ve already applied for tickets in the West Midlands ticket ballot and wish to apply again, you can use the same ticket account.

What are the price categories for tickets?

Once logged in to your ticketing account you can pick the session you want to see.

Tickets are split into categories, with Category A being closest to the action and lower class categories being further away.

A general admission category also exists, meaning you can sit in any available seat in your section.

When will I find out if I got tickets?

Once the ballot closes on September 30 you’ll find out within 30 days if you have secured your tickets.

If you have payment will be taken in full within 72 hours of it closing.

If successful in a given session, you’ll secure all the tickets you requested. For example, if you ask for four tickets to a session, you will not be offered one, two or three tickets instead.