VILLAGERS were out in force to protest against a scheme to build two wind turbines.

The residents were objecting to plans by renewable energy firm Airvolution to build two 140m turbines within half-a-mile from Wilton, Yearby and Kirkleatham.

Lynnda Thomas was among the protesters who were waving placards and banners at the entrance to Wilton village at the weekend.

"We will be able to see them from our garden and they will dominate the skyline," she said. "Our garden is often full of birds and we think they will be frightened off by the huge turbines."

The campaigners have called on Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council to delay any planning decision until an independent survey has been completed, which they expect to happen in June.

Previously, a spokeswoman for Airvolution said: “We have already set up a community liaison group to ensure that we are listening to the views of local people from nearby villages and are looking forward to receiving more feedback from other consultees during this planning stage.

“If anybody wants to get in touch with Airvolution to ask questions about our plans they can email or call us for free on 0800 0147 080.”