A truck driver and a pensioner are among neighbours in Middlesbrough who have won a share of more than £10.2million on the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Seven people living on Britain Avenue have scooped £379,418 each, a total of £2,6million, thanks to playing with the full winning postcode, TS5 7AT.

A total of 572 Teesside neighbours shared a £10.2 million prize pot at a special event at Centre Square in Middlesbrough on Saturday, April 1.

The lottery winners with the postcode TS5 7 were all invited and had been told they’d won at least £4,000.

The Northern Echo: Smiles all round. Picture: Postcode LotterySmiles all round. Picture: Postcode Lottery (Image: Postcode Lottery)

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Nearly 600 players each received a winning cheque from £12,050 up to £72,300, depending on how many tickets they played with.

A total of 572 Teesside neighbours shared a £10.2 million prize pot at a special event at Centre Square in Middlesbrough on Saturday 1 April.

Truck driver Mark Baker thought he’d bagged a tidy sum of £12,050, only for his postcode to be revealed as the biggest winner, netting him a whopping £379,418.

Mark said: “You only dream of money like this, it doesn’t actually happen to working people but I guess it’s happened to us. It’s life changing.

“I can’t describe how I was feeling when I found out our street had won, I just started laughing and my wife just started crying.”

The Northern Echo: Picture: Postcode LotteryPicture: Postcode Lottery (Image: Postcode Lottery)

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Mark is going to make a rather unusual first purchase with some of his winnings before booking a few sunny getaways.

Mark said: “I’ll buy some new Koi carp for my little pond in the back garden.

“The wife and I are going to upgrade to business class for our holiday to Cyprus.

“Our dream holiday is Hawaii, so that’s getting booked!”

Mark, who works for AV Dawson and is an ex-army sergeant, said: “We’re just working-class, I work really long hours, so this money will mean I can cut down my hours.

“And we’ll give a chunk of cash to our kids and grandkids.”

The Northern Echo: Picture: Postcode LotteryPicture: Postcode Lottery (Image: Postcode Lottery)

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Neighbour Anne Goodman said she’s “walking on air” after winning over £379k.

Anne said: “I’m floating. I still haven’t come down from the ceiling.”

Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt revealed Anne Goodman’s life-changing prize.

“I’m walking about three feet off the floor. It’s just the most amazing buzz.”

Anne is now arranging to fly in style to Australia to visit her daughter.

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The 62-year-old said: “We hadn’t seen our daughter and grandkids in over four years because of Covid and everything. 

“With this cheque, it won’t be another four years, that’s for sure.

“We can fly business class which is something we’ve never been able to do.

“We’ll be able to look after our family, look after our grandchildren and look after ourselves.”

Brian Wing, 68, was left in disbelief after winning the top prize.

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Brian Wing was shocked after his postcode was revealed as the biggest winner.

Brian said: “Bloody hell! This just doesn’t happen to us.

“I keep thinking is this an April Fool’s joke?”

Brian’s wife Karen said the win has lifted their spirits after a heart-wrenching period:

“We’ve had such a tough few years because four family members currently have cancer.

“My sister and my brother both have terminal cancer and it’s just been so hard.

“So, to get something good for a change is just amazing.

“This is the stuff dreams are made of.”

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The grandparents, who’ve been together for over 40 years, already have their dream purchase in mind.

Karen said: “We’ve always wanted to get a motorhome but couldn’t afford one.

“I gave up going abroad years ago because we’ve both got trouble with our legs, but we love to travel around Britain.

“It’s a bit difficult getting up and down the stairs in our house, so we might convert the house.”

Another winner, Elaine Thompson thanked a clairvoyant after scooping £12,050.

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In a spooky prediction Elaine was told she was due to win money - just weeks after she'd cancelled her subscription to the lottery.

The superstitious 58-year-old quickly signed up again, and bagged a £12,050 prize.

Elaine, a former foster parent, said: “The fortune teller predicted I was going to come into a significant amount of money.

“I'd just cancelled the Postcode Lottery. A few days later I reinstated the ticket.

“I can't thank the clairvoyant enough, without her I would have missed out.

“I will be spoiling my family and taking my daughters to Fuerteventura.”


£24,100 winner Emily Hutchinson said her dream wedding to fiancé Matty is now all but paid for:

“It’s absolutely massive. It’ll pay for our wedding in France next year.”

The Middlesbrough mum is currently on maternity leave with her 11-month baby daughter and started playing with the Postcode Lottery in December.

Emily said: “I signed up because I didn’t want to go back to work after maternity leave.

“I signed up to hopefully win, and lo and behold it’s happened. I can’t believe it.”