A TOWN's safety angels have spread their wings further out of the centre in a six month trial to to help those vulnerable.

Middlesbrough's 'Boro Angels' have begun a trial in North Ormesby, where they will work with Middlesbrough Council's CCTV and Street Wardens, to make sure those in the community have someone to turn to.

North Ormesby ward Councillor Ashley Waters said: "We have an amazing community in North Ormesby and it's an area that has so much going for it.

"But it also has huge challenges, which we're well aware of and are working to address with a whole range of partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors."

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: "The Boro Angels have been a huge success in the town centre night-time economy, and I know they're going to make real difference in North Ormesby.

"They provide another important layer of community support and reassurance, offering a helping hand to those in need."

The trial will last until February, before it is reviewed by Boro Angels bosses.