A GROUP of volunteers who help keep vulnerable people safe has just received a financial boost to help support its mission.

The Redcar Beacon volunteers spend their Friday and Saturday evenings patrolling the High Street area ensuring people get home safe and well after a night out through its Street Angels project.

Anne Connelly, founder of Redcar Beacons, said: “We aim to provide a non-judgemental presence in Redcar that people feel comfortable coming to for help when they need it.”

And staff from the town’s Darlington Building Society donated £100 to help them buy flip-flops, which are given women who are unable to walk in their high heels and risk injury.

The Beacons will also spend some of the donation on sweets for those who are suffering from low blood sugar due to high alcohol consumption.

Branch manager Nicky Donaghue said: “It is scary to think of what could happen to people, especially young women, when they are at their most vulnerable so we are proud to support the work of the Redcar Beacons.”