TWO profoundly deaf teenagers have been commended for saving their friend’s life.

Teessiders Jordan Naylor, 16, and Shezan Khan, 15, rushed to the rescue of 11-year-old Waseem Hussain when he almost drowned in a swimming pool.

All three boys are part of a local deaf club that organises activities for hearing impaired children in Teesside. They had been swimming at a pool in Hartlepool when Waseem, who cannot swim, got into difficulty after jumping into the deep end.

Jordan, from Hartlepool, said: “I saw Shezan jump into the deep end of the pool then Waseem jumped in after him. It was really, really deep. After a while, Waseem didn’t come back up and I saw bubbles in the water. Shezan was closest so I shouted to him to help.”

Shezan, from Stockton, added: “I was frightened because Jordan was really shouting. I dived down and Waseem was at the bottom. He was trying to get up but couldn’t so I pulled him up.”

The boys pulled their friend out of the water and took him to the side of the pool to recover.

Chris Drew, Principal at The King’s Academy, where both boys go to school, presented them with a Principal’s Commendation award.

He said: "Jordan and Shezan acted with great presence of mind. Neither of them are especially strong swimmers themselves but they knew what to do when they saw Waseem in trouble during a social activity.

"It's part of The King's ethos that our older students look out for vulnerable youngsters, although we never expect that to be in such serious circumstances. On this occasion these two boys prevented a possible tragedy and they fully deserve credit for their courage.”