A SCHOOL trust has been awarded £1.5m to improve the sixth form building and sports hall at Stokesley School.

As well as investment for the school, the Conditions Improvement Fund Grant is also great news for the community who share the use of the sports hall.

Cllr Bridget Fortune, from Hambleton District Council, said: This is fantastic news.

This grant, together with the £210,000 from Hambleton will help transform the sports hall and changing rooms.

"During these difficult times large indoor facilities like this are going to become even more important as spaces where school children and adults can exercise safely.”

In the past six years, Stokesley School, run by Arete Learning Trust, has seen more than £5m invested in improving the buildings, much of this from successful bids to the CIF fund – only possible because, as a Multi Academy Trust, additional capital funds can be accessed.

From September 2019, Northallerton School has been sponsored by Areté Learning Trust, joining Stokesley and Richmond Schools in the Trust.

Last year, the trust was successful in obtaining an £8.7m grant to enable the school to move from its current ageing and cramped accommodation to a newly refurbished and extended school site in the north of the town.

The trust’s CEO, Catherine Brooker, said: “While our school leaders are dealing brilliantly with the impact of the virus, work will be starting soon on the building developments at both schools. As a trust, we are committed to providing the best possible facilities for our students and staff, who deserve no less.”