CALLS have been made for a safe path for cyclists and pedestrians between Gilling West and Richmond.

A petition has been set up which has garnered more than 500 signatures in just one week.

Gilling West resident Janette Povey started the petition after seeing reports that North Yorkshire County Council is receiving an extra £3.9m for road improvements.

The authority has now been allocated a total of £52.6m to spend on roads, pathways, cycle routes and infrastructure projects.

The Government has announced a £250m emergency active travel fund aimed at delivering improvements for cycling and walking.

Ms Povey said: “The community of Gilling West and surrounding villages would benefit immensely from such an improvement. It would allow safe and sustainable access to town for people of all ages. It would provide a link to schools and businesses in Richmond.”

She added: “I first made appeals to the council and Highways Authority for a safe path about ten years ago, and I know families had tried to get one from before I moved to the village in 2007 – so this isn’t a new idea.

“During lockdown it has been lovely, the roads have been very quiet and it has been safe to cycle on the main road to Richmond to do our shopping.

“But even in the last week since the rules were relaxed it has got busy again.

“When I saw the council had been allocated more money I thought it was an ideal time to see if other people in the village felt the same, and I was very surprised at the groundswell of support I have got.

“I haven’t pushed the petition at all but in two days it got almost 350 signatures.”

Ms Povey said a safe walkway would also benefit businesses at Aske and Oliver, on the road between Gilling West and Richmond.

She said: “Even in the last few years, more businesses have started in the area, but it is not really safe to get to them on foot. It would be so beneficial to them if people could walk there.”

She added: “If you look at how many holes there are in the stone walls you will have an idea of just how dangerous it is for all road users.

“The bridge at Oliver has been repaired countless times.”

Dozens of people signing the petition are local residents, who all say they do not feel safe walking along the road.

Lots of people said they would love to cycle to use the pubs in the village but were put off because of the road.

Many added the plan was long over-due.

To sign the petition visit