RESIDENTS of a North Yorkshire village combined their fundraising efforts to install a monument commemorating those who have served in conflict.

The locals of West Witton banded together to have a memorial bench installed on its main street in memory of those who serve and have served in the armed forces.

The bench, which features figures of soldiers' silhouettes and a field of poppies, is thanks to a number of fundraising events held by the residents and also to people who made generous donations to the project.

Last week, some of the residents and fundraisers gathered to celebrate the monument's installation.

Among the gathering was honoured guest 94-year-old Isabel Gard, who served in the 93rd Searchlight Regiment of the Royal Artillery in the Second World War.

Parish Councillor Christine Donovan-Brown said: "Up to now we had nothing in the village to commemorate any of the wars, so we wanted to do something to celebrate those who served in the two Great Wars, and who still serve today.

"The bench is a welcome addition to our village and shows everyone's hard work in getting it installed."