VOLUNTEERS from the Richmond branch of the British Heart Foundation have been honoured with a reception at the House of Lords after raising more than £110,000 for research in the last 25 years.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is paying tribute to volunteer fundraisers in Richmond for their support over the last 25 years.

Maureen Gibbon, chair of the branch, and Susan Pollock, secretary, attended the celebration at the House of Lords last month.

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson attended and hosted the event as part of the British Heart Foundation's Annual Reception.

Mrs Gibbon said: “It was such an honour to attend the House of Lords event and meet such a lot of incredible people who have supported the British Heart Foundation, as well as learning about the massive strides that have been taken to save lives through the research funded by the British Heart Foundation.

"I really enjoyed the evening and it was a great way to mark my retirement from fundraising for this amazing charity. I hope other people in the town come forward to continue fundraising for the lifesaving heart and circulatory research the British Heart Foundation funds.”

Groups and volunteering manager for North Yorkshire Hannah Watkins said: “We would like to thank Maureen and all the members of the Richmond and Catterick Fundraising Group past and present for all their support. The House of Lords event was a special way for us to thank Maureen for her dedication. The money they have raised has made a real difference to people with heart and circulatory disease – but one in four people are still dying from these conditions. To keep supporting vital research into heart and circulatory diseases, we need more volunteers to come forward and join their local fundraising group.”

Fundraising groups are the face of the BHF in their local community, putting on events locally from coffee mornings to quiz nights, danceathons to afternoon teas. Fundraising groups raise money in a way that works for them and fits around their lifestyle.

If you are interesting in joining the Richmond and Catterick Fundraising Group and using your spare time to support lifesaving research, please contact Hannah Watkins, Groups and Volunteering Manager on 07714069135 or email watkinsh@bhf.org.uk.