A WOMAN paralysed in a car crash now using her experiences to warn others of the dangers of bad driving has been honoured for her volunteer work.

Lauren Doherty was walking home after a night out with friends when she was hit by a car 11 years ago. The incident left her in need of round-the-clock care and several operations to her pelvis, vertebrae, wrist and skin grafts, as well as a tracheotomy fitted for ventilation.

Now 30, Ms Doherty has worked hard for her independence and runs a project giving road safety talks to children and teenagers. Her dedication to ensuring the next generation of drivers are road aware has seen her recognised with a medal from the British Citizen Award (BCA) panel.

The awards honour exceptional individuals who work tirelessly and selflessly to make a positive impact on society.

On receiving her medal, Ms Doherty, of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, said: "I was very overwhelmed that I was nominated and awarded a BCA.

"It is an amazing honour to be among all of the other people who have done contributed so much to their communities."

Ms Doherty was presented with her medal at the Palace of Westminster by Nicole Hallak, Pampers brand manager, who said: “A personal tragedy with life-altering outcomes could deter many from finding good within their circumstances.

"But for community heroes like Lauren, it was the catalyst to not only overcome the challenges of her body, but also to rise to a role of a leader who leverage her personal story and experiences to educate and improve the lives of others.

"She is a true inspiration to us all – our sincere congratulations on receiving a BCA."

Judges heard Ms Doherty delivers her message so powerfully that audiences say they can hear a pin drop when she delivers a talk.

Children and young people are also moved to see that the 30-year-old needs someone to hold her notes, give her a drink if she needs one and that she has a tracheotomy in situ.

Ms Doherty is one of 35 medallists rewarded earlier this month at the event hosted by TV presenter Matt Allwright. He said: “I’m so delighted to be helping out at the awards. It’s a really great opportunity to remind ourselves of the amazing contribution people make, and recognise the good things going on in our society."