A HOTEL worker will represent North Yorkshire as part of a team of colleagues from across the UK who are hoping to raise money for a children's hospital at Formula 1.

Laura Jayne Pollard of Thirsk, along with several other workers from Premier Inn branches across the UK, will make their way to the British Grand Prix, which will take place at Silverstone in July.

On the first day of the race, Ms Pollard will welcome thousands of spectators, whilst collecting money for the children's hospital and charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Ms Pollard, who is a duty manager at Premier Inn Thirsk, said she was 'excited' to raise the cash.

She said: "There is a group of us going down, but I am going down on my own from North Yorkshire.

"One girl who I went to school with gave birth to a little boy with Down-Syndrome and they spent a bit of time at Great Ormond Street Hospital – I got close to her and have already done a couple of fundraisers."

Great Ormond Street Hospital in London was founded in 1852, after a hardy campaign by a British physician.

The hospital has space for around 400 sick and injured children, but has to regularly raise money for additional life-saving equipment.

In 2009, the charity managed to raise around £800,000 for the creation of a new lung function unit.

Ms Pollard, who has spent the last few months fundraising for the charity in the form of car boot sale's, said she was trying to achieve her personal goal of £1,000.

She said: "Initially, we have got to raise £300 to be able to go and fundraise. That pays for the tickets into the race.

"Our team are going to meet the drivers and all of the people in the pit stops. If the children are feeling well enough, they will visit too."

"I raised around £800 last year."

Upon her return from Silverstone, Ms Pollard will help lead Premier Inn Thirsk's 'Family Fun Day.'

On Saturday, August 17, the hotel will host a raffle, stalls and games, whilst all money raised will be donated to the cause.