A SCHOOL has been recognised by a governmental minister for its recently-achieved academic successes.

Schools minister Nick Gibb wrote to the headmaster of Ripon Grammar School congratulating pupils and staff on their latest GCSE results.

Mr Gibb, who has headed the Department for Education since 2014, acknowledged the schools' progress.

He said: "Thank you for your work in continuing the drive towards higher academic standards, and congratulations to you and your staff for your hard work and professionalism.”

In his letter, Mr Gibb congratulated the school for being in the top two percent of state-funded mainstream schools for progress to GCSE's.

According to the schools' headmaster Jonathan Webb, he said pupils achieved 95 percent of GCSE's with grades between A* and B.

Mr Webb said: "Progress results are vitally important as they measure how much we, as a school, have added to the quality of our students’ education.

“This letter acknowledges all the hard work of students and staff, as well as all the valuable support we receive from parents, governors, our alumni and those in the wider community.”