A GROUP of students have been learning about the history and heritage of one of the key events in a town's calendar.

The students from Richmond School and Sixth Form College enjoyed dipping into the heritage of Richmond Meet, to create a display that will celebrate the event dating back to 1898.

In preparation for the 2019 Meet, which takes place this Bank Holiday weekend, the students have been taking photographs of each of the Meet badges for display over the festival.

Scott Lunn, head of maths at Richmond School, said: "It's been a real joy for the school to work with Corinne as she coordinates the arrangements for this year's Richmond Meet.

"The students have been particularly impressed with the history that the badges represent. They are also looking forward to all the fun activities this weekend."

The students have had the privilege of working with 127 badges which represent the Richmond Meet, with the more recent badges being displayed on the present President’s chain.

The students were helped on the project by The Richmondshire Museum, where staff supported and encouraged students by giving access to the older badges.

The display of the pictures of all the Meet badges will be on view in St Mary's Church, Richmond, throughout the Meet weekend for members of the pubic to enjoy.

Corinne Alsop, the 2019 Meet President, said: “I was really excited when Mr Lunn contacted me and I immediately thought, let’s do it.

"The work the students have done is absolutely fantastic, I never expected this. It’s brilliant that the display will be in the church and I will be very proud to see it during my Meet Service at 10am on Sunday.”

Sarah Chaney, Year 7 student, added: “I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the badges, learning how far back they go and how each President designs his or her own badge.”