SEVERAL new apprenticeship roles are a go after a local authority pledged to part-fund their employers in a recent scheme.

Richmondshire District Council launched its own Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy Scheme in February.

The scheme, which has been designed to support community-based employers, helps employers absorb the day-to-day costs, often associated with apprenticeships.

Apprentices are usually trained by an employer, whilst they are treated like permanent employees.

Thousands of pounds can be spent on each apprentice through spends on training courses and lost time from other staff members.

Last week,the council said it had awarded around £15,000 to employers in the form of grants.

Grants of around £2,000 to £3,000 per company was given to firms in Richmond, Catterick and Leyburn. The council said it had £9,000 left to award.

The money has since gone on to support apprenticeship's in the retail, marketing and care sector.

A council spokesperson said: "Local businesses are able to apply for funding to support the costs of taking on a new apprentice with a grant towards their wages. "Apprenticeships of Level 1 to 3 can secure a grant of £2,000 whilst businesses looking to appoint an apprentice on a Level 4 or above apprenticeship can apply for £3,000."

In March, North Yorkshire County Council said its apprenticeship scheme had been a 'success.'

Former apprentices at the council said they had been able to go onto full-time careers within the council's various departments.