A CAFÉ within a junior football club pavilion has opened to the public following hundreds of pounds in donations.

The Brompton Recreation Group, in partnership with Brompton Juniors Football Club, opened its part-time café and hireable venue in order to make the club "feel more involved with the village."

Barbara Slater, chair of Brompton Recreation Group, said “We wanted to be accessible to the village – we started the café with around £200 from some people of the community."

The 'Weavers Pavilion' in Brompton, near Northallerton was first opened in the late 1960’s when the village had its own adult football team.

She said: “When the building was first put up, it was only used for sport or football, so we applied for change-of-use planning permission.”

The Northern Echo:

Brompton Recreation Group chair Barbara Slater, and vice-chairman Christopher Wood

Once planning permission from Hambleton District Council was granted, plans for a fully-functioning café were aided by a sizeable donation through her letter box.

She said: “I would like to thank the person who kindly made a donation to pay for the tables, we would have ended up sitting around nothing."

Ms Slater, who opened the café on Friday, said she hoped to open after school time during the week too.

She added: “The car park is used by parents picking up their children, and we would like them to come in for a coffee while their kids play in the play area.”

The Brompton Recreation Group committee wanted to clarify that the pavilion is solely maintained by the group, and that the Brompton Juniors Football Club just lease the pavilion.