SOME of the newest residents at Sea Life Scarborough have settle nicely into their new holiday home.

Humboldt penguins Benji, Summer, Rosie, Mumbles and Woody are just a few of the penguins who have moved into the beachside retreat specifically designed for the visitors from Sea Life Great Yarmouth through January to March.

Jordan Woodhead, Aquarist at SEA LIFE Scarborough said: “We’re very excited to have our penguin guests holidaying with us over the coming weeks. Our Scarborough penguins have been extremely accommodating, Yogi and Gonzo in particular are very welcoming and friendly.

“The penguins will be staying with us throughout half term, so be sure to visit before the end of March to catch them chilling in their new holiday home.”

Visit for more information, tickets from £16.50 and include free return visits in 2019.