A NORTH YORKSHIRE equestrian firm is expanding its product range to create a new style of show jumps.

JSW, based in Northallerton, is using bright colours to design and make a new range of show jumps, having previously specialised as a horsebox manufacturer.

Back at the turn of the Millennium, the company began looking to expand their equestrian product range beyond horse transport construction and repair services.

At the time, plastic show jumps were not readily available in the North and although they were becoming steadily popular in the South, there were no comprehensive online retailers.

The firm's expansion into show jumps helped them survive through the tough period of the foot and mouth crisis which spread throughout North Yorkshire in 2001, as people needed jumps to keep their horses fit as many of the horse trials and local shows were cancelled.

They have since grown further to stock a wider range of equipment for yard and stable including mounting blocks, wheelbarrows, hay bars and their latest addition for electric fencing.

Emma Watkinson, managing director, said: "We have always tried to push the boundaries in terms of providing the best equipment possible, whether this is introducing a new manufacturers of horse trailers to the market, or a new style of show jump.

"Bright colours and innovation have become our trademark and we receive enquiries from around the world, and above all it’s about our customers and providing them with the best level of choice.

"We have worked alongside several manufacturers in the past, to help develop new products, including a product that we commissioned ourselves – the cone cup.

"We had the idea of a low cost accessory which could convert cones into show jumps – they have become extremely popular.

"Being on the front line with customers we get to know how well the products work and we are well placed to help develop the products further.

"Aquaterra was one such supplier and when the opportunity came up to become the new owners of the products, we jumped at the opportunity.”