PEOPLE's Postcode Lottery players have raised £2 million in the past ten years for a community charity in the county.

The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, which supports members of the community, helps cultivate the landscape and safeguard wildlife, has received £2,076,332 from lottery players.

Chief executive of the Yorkshire Dales Millennium trust David Sharrod said: "We are extremely grateful to players of People’s Postcode Lottery for this incredible contribution.

"Player support has transformed us as a charity."

The lottery donates 32 percent from players subscriptions to charities across the UK.

"It allows us to invest in ongoing projects but crucially also helps us to respond to changing needs in our area through a number of new schemes."

Most recently, the charity planted 13,000 new trees and plants.

People's Postcode Lottery Will Humpington said: "We are delighted that players have now supported Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust for ten years -The funding will allow them to continue their great work in the Dales, shaping the environment and communities.

"Without players this funding simply wouldn’t be possible so it's all thanks to them."